The purpose of the Mindcraft Education site is to provide educators (K-12) with a new way to engage with their younger students. As the younger generations continue to use video games as a source of entertainment, we thought both educators and students could drastically benefit from to use of video games in a school environment. This is why we created this project. Using the game Minecraft in a way that promotes historical sites and events, we are hoping teachers are able to use this digital device as a way to increase the connection between themselves and their students. Doing this will hopefully increase interactions within the classroom and in the long run, enhance the learning experience for both parties.

About Us

Drew Bade: Drew is a grad student at North Dakota State University. He is majoring in Social Science Education. For this project, Drew specialized in; general research, website editing, gathering information and pictures of the Houston House, the creation of a podcast, and worked with Shane to formulate a plan for this project.

Aidan Vincent: Aidan is an Anthropology major and History minor at North Dakota State University. For this project, Aidan worked a lot on the technical side and made many of the graphics for the website, as well as recorded much of the gameplay we used within the project.

Matthew Bush: Matthew is a Political Science major and History minor at North Dakota State University. Matthew specialized in much of the in-game work for the Houston House and was in charge of completing the “about us” page on our website.

Shane Engeland: Shane is a Digital History graduate student at North Dakota State University. Shane also teaches utilizing digital tools such as Minecraft to engage his students. The reliance on digital teaching mediums during the COVID19 pandemic inspired this site as a very general example to an educational approach to Minecraft.  

Nick Harrom: Nick is a Social Studies Education major at North Dakota State University. Nick specialized in the creation of the Podcast, general research and website set up.

Preston Olson: Preston is a senior at North Dakota State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. Preston specialized in creating the virtual tours page, obtaining information on the Houston House, and the in-game work for the Houston House.