Museum Collaboration

Local museums containing architecture are great places for inspiration! Not only does getting students involved with history at their local level it also engages them in the process of history. An interpretation through Minecraft gives the students a familiar medium. a fun way for them to really engage with the source!

Bonanzaville Houston House Exterior

For this project, in cooperation with Bonanzaville USA in Fargo North Dakota, we recreated the historic Houston Mansion. Structural characteristics made some of its more identifiable features easy to replicate inside of the game, making the structure a project that groups of students can work on collaboratively online!

Bonanzaville: Houston House Interior

Using the available tools inside of the Education Edition of Minecraft, students can recreate their work in an easily exportable portfolio that demonstrates key aspects of the structure, recreated inside of Minecraft. connecting their digital creation with digital resources through the use of hyperlinks, students are able to use Minecraft as not only a tool of interpretation but as a digital platform to contain links to relevant information.

Connecting the students interpretation to the presented information is made much easier through the use of the camera and portfolio tool. Easily shareable, students can use these to provide reference, similar to citations on papers. The worlds themselves are convenient to share and small enough to send via email!