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5 Steps on how to use Minecraft in the classroom

Minecraft: Education Edition is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.

1st Step: Download Minecraft Education Edition for free! Click on download here. This download works on any Mac or Windows computer and works well with either school desktop computers or school laptops for students.

2nd Step: Follow this link here to look for lesson plans that are already made for the subject that you teach. You can use the already made lesson plans from the website or you can use those as a guide to create your own Minecraft lesson plan.

3rd Step: Assign students the assignment for the lesson. Depending upon the lesson given, students can work in groups or individually. It is helpful to have students work on the first Minecraft lesson in the classroom so you can assist them easier if issues arise.

4th Step: Assessing student work can be easily done through screenshots of what they have made or by sharing their virtual world with you and the class.

5th Step: Looking back at what things in the lesson went well and what can be improved for next time. There will always be things to improve each time!