Virtual Tours

On the official Minecraft education page, lesson plans are available as templates. Content can be found under the class resources tab has a wide variety of subjects and periods of history ready for you to implement in your classroom.

These lesson plans have built in objectives, research opportunities, and offer real learning experiences in a socially distanced classroom environment.

An example of a lesson plan you can find on the official Minecraft education website.

Lesson Plans

There are countless lesson that put students in situations that emphasize collaboration, communication, and creativity skills

If you want to take your class on a field in a socially distanced manner then look not further

The following worlds are just a few of the wonderful virtual tours that are available on the Minecraft education official site, for free.

Download the world of your choice and host your class where they will will complete multiple tasks to complete the tour.

Minecraft education world download:
This world allows students to explore the historic Black Hills in a village setting.
Explore the historic region of Western Asia and experience what life was like in the first urban civilization in ancient times.
A village during Britain during medieval times. Explore the Castle and live like Kings and Queens.

To see how to import these worlds and many more in Minecraft, see our Technology FAQ.

Other resources

Here you will find resources by the talented Benjamin Kelly.

Mr. Kelly is a Global Minecraft Mentor and has a wide variety of tours available for download that cover classroom subjects.

For example, Arctic adventure is an immersive experience that brings you on a dog sled tour through the Arctic where you explore and learn about everything from how igloos were built, good and diamonds mines, a long with glacier melt and much more!

Arctic Adventure is one of the wonderful Minecraft tours available and I recommend that you check out his work at the link above.

Arctic Adventure Download File