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Follow these basic steps to learn how to use Minecraft in the classroom

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Among the wide variety of digital tools available to educators today, Minecraft: Education Edition stands above the rest with its near-universal familiarity, access affordability, and versatility as a digital medium.

The Best Selling Game, Retooled for your Classroom! 

As the most sold game of all time, Minecraft has reached more students than any other game. Its sandbox nature and lack of real objectives make contribute to both the games longevity as well as the creativity that is able to be unleashed thorough the game’s constructible open world.

Motivation in the history classroom can be a struggle for those that aren’t sufficiently motivated, and for some of them a change in medium is appropriate. and have been adapted to make learning more approachable.  In “Can Video Games Be Humanities Scholarship,” James Coltrain and Stephan Ramsay state “Scholarly experience…is a message in search of a medium.” That sentiment defines “Educational Minecraft,” the use of Minecraft as a medium for historical thought is an approachable, affordable, and ubiquitous method that engages students in ways that traditional research methods don’t. The current challenges of COVID have pushed schools and museums online to move online, games such as Minecraft can assist that transition as a tool for student engagement and as a method to teach the historical process

“Scholarly experience…is a message in search of a medium.”

James Coltrain, Stephan Ramsay, “Can Video Games Be Humanities Scholarship?”

Easy to Access!

The Education Edition of Minecraft has been built upon the most stable version of the game. The low system requirements and Chromebook availability make the Education Edition a game that will work on nearly any machine. With cross play capabilities between different platforms, there’s less need to worry about group exclusion or computer availability! Exporting work is now easier than ever with the student’s ability to export their work as a portfolio, complete with notation. Simply using the student’s Microsoft Office 365 login they are able to workin the project from both the classroom and at home!

Limitless Uses!

Minecraft isn’t just a game, it can serve as an interactive lesson! By connecting digital links inside of the game through NPCs a teacher can use Minecraft as an explorable interactive database, connecting hyperlinked information together inside of an explorable digital world. By connecting Minecraft to digital documents, sources, and databases, Minecraft becomes more than a game, it becomes a medium for interpretation and the source.

Museums and teachers both benefit from the options provided, virtual tours of historical sites can become collaborative projects occurring digitally as museums and schools look online to cope with the COVID 19 crisis. Academic scholarship on gaming as an interpretive and educational tool is growing as the digital world changes each day. Minecraft, as the largest selling game in history has a built in advantage over alternative gaming options, it’s sandbox nature easily lends itself to utilization as an educational medium. Cooperation between the classroom and the museum offer students the opportunity to take an active role in history. Possibilities such as virtual tours, individual interpretations, and historical reenactment are all easily attainable goals that engage students much more than a zoom conference. Minecraft has become a cultural space in the twenty first century, engaging it in the historical process will not only motivate students but also will situate them directly in the process of history in the modern era.